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Light Chasing Task

Task Description

A subject is in an environment with 3 behavioral ports (left: port 1, center: port 2, right: port 3), each consisting of an infrared-based photogate for poke detection, a white LED, and a water reward system based on a valve that can be opened. On a random basis, one of the 3 ports is selected, its LED is being turned on and if the subject pokes into the port (detected by the photogate), a water reward of pre-defined size is being delivered. Should the animal poke into one of the other ports, the trial pauses for a pre-defined duration. In any case, before the trial ends, an Inter-Trial-Interval of pre-defined duration is introduced before the end of the trial, in which no stimulus is being presented.

Possible Graphical Representation

The following image shows one possible graphical representation of the trial structure.

Template file

Please download the .json template file here. After importing it into the user workspace it can be viewed in the BEADL Designer.

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