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<ConnectionMapping> element

A <ConnectionMapping> element maps a specific resource of the task controlling hardware to a specifier in the task description. Furthermore, it defines the type of the resource and enables to predefine specific values of it.

<HardwareSettings hardware="Control_Hardware" version="1.0">
  <ConnectionMapping name="ConnectionName" resourceName="UsedHardwareResource" type="UsedHardwareResourceType" />


  • name defines a name of the connection mapping to be used within the BEADL task description. Since specific dependencies can be specified for <ConnectionMapping> elements, the name might not be unique within the whole list of defines <ConnectionMapping> elements.
  • resourceName defines which resource of the specified hardware should be mapped onto the specifier.
  • type defines the type of the specified resource.

Both attributes, resourceName and type, depend on the used hardware,

Child Elements

  • <Dependency> element: Definition under which condition the current ConnectionMapping should be processed in a trial. See here for a detailed description of the <Dependency> element.

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