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<BEADL> Root Element

The root element <BEADL> in the XML format works as a container for the behavioral task protocol definition but also to non-protocol specific properties such as properties for a graphical representation of the protocol in an additional editor.

<BEADL version="0.1.0" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="BEADL.xsd">


In its current version, the BEADL-XML format defines 3 attributes for the <BEADL> root element.

  • version: defines the BEADL version being used for describing this protocol
  • xmlns:xsi: declares the prefix xsi as a standard namespace to use as its namespace
  • xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation: defines the XML Schema Definition (XSD) file to be used for validation without using a dedicated namespace. Right now the assumption is that it is stored in the same location as the protocol file. You can download the latest version (v 0.1.0) of the XSD file here.

Child Elements

The <BEADL> root element in a BEADL-xml file can only have 2 child elements:

  • <BeadlTrialProtocol> defines all parameters of the trial-based behavior protocol. See BeadlTrialProtocol element for more details.
  • <BeadlEditor> defines the graphical representation within the editor (in future releases). See BeadlEditor element for more details.

Each of these two elements can only be present ones in a valid BEADL-XML file and the order of their occurrence needs to match the order above.

Since the <BeadlEditor> element is planned for future releases of BEADL-XML, a valid BEADL-XML file does not have to include a <BeadlEditor> element

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